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Marry Xmas War is over - A 2018 project by all my adult students

In October 2018 I've decided to teach all my adult students (including two adolescents) the same song for Christmas and to record it for Christmas.

The goal was to show them what it takes to be a recording artist, to challenge them in a way they haven't been yet, give them a practicing booster shot and of course to do something new and exciting. :)


Each of the students had a part based on his / her skill level, and by the end of November I recorded them one at a time playing (and singing) their part in the song. Each also had two lines in the song to translate and sing in their own native language.


All the parts you are about to hear were (except for the MIDI based drums) recorded by my guitar (and one bass) students !

Enjoy :)

Happy Xmas war is over - A bunch of happy students :)
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Diddly Bow project

On the 15th of March 2017 a student of mine (Stephanie) and I built, as per her request a 'Diddly Bow'.
It was a really fun experience and it resulted in a very fun little instrument! :D

Check out the images and videos of us building and playing this little guy for the first time ever 

Stephanie playing the Diddly Bow


         The first lesson teaser 

A quick drawing inspired by a performance of mine.

 Drawn by the talanted: 

Merel Barends


A recommendation letter from a former student

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