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Oded Kahn

Guitar teacher, Sound engineer, Guitar Luthier, Producer & Band consultant.

De Baarsjes

Amsterdam ,NL



Bands are a great way to express yourself as a musician and person, a band can be your family and friend. A band is where you grow and understand more about yourself and life.


A band… is totally awesome.


Over the course of 2-3 months we will work together to bring your band’s unity, sound, togetherness, fun, performance & skills to the next level.


Throughout the Rock Bootcamp you will learn how to turn your band into a more productive and efficient unit. You will increase your music and sound quality by tenfold. Learn how to work better together and create wonderful music for yourselves and your current or future fans. Learn how to perform better and give a real show! Guaranteed.



  1. Play as a unit, learn how your playing can compliment each other rather than be a burden.

  2. Up your sound quality and learn how to control it better.

  3. Learn how to practice together and push each other in the right way.

  4. Improve old songs, rebuild them and learn how to approach new ones.

  5. Learn how to prepare for a recording session or a live performance.

  6. Learn how to give a good show, be unique but also play well at the same time.

  7. How to promote yourself on social media and in real life.



I will meet with you and your band once a week for the duration of 2 - 3 months. The objective of these meetings is to reach these goals and more.

Each session would be designed specifically to the needs of the band. Our first meeting is a listening session in order to assess the band's strengths and weaknesses.


At the end of 2 – 3months the band will work together towards a recording session / live show and I will appraise your progress and help to make a set of goals for the coming year.


Requirements from the Participants:

  • A rehearsal room to work in - could be your own room or a rented room with all the necessary equipment.

  • A few written songs (1 -2 is enough) - could also be covers.

  • Commitment to practice outside of our sessions..

  • A good attitude and patience.

  • Willingness to experiment.


Rates, Method & Duration:

Method: The payments would be required to be payed for 1 month in advance.


Rates: The rehearsals are 40€ for the whole band per hour (minimum 2 hours of rehearsal). For a longer rehearsal prices would be reduced.

  • Note prices may differ with size of band.


Duration: Rehearsals are minimum between 2 hours.


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