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  Ukulele Lessons   

What a fun little instrument! But beyond it being a fun size string instrument, it's extremely practical too.
Ukulele is the perfect bridge instrument for your young children (Usually around the age of 5-6) to prop up their way to guitar lessons. Its 4 strings and petite size makes it easier to hold, handle and play as they learn their way towards guitar. Or, stay on playing this instrument for as long as they want!

Ukulele is not just for kids though!
As I mentioned, its fun-size makes it a wonderful traveling instrument but also a super durable and a wonderful tool to accompany you while your singing.


Ukulele lesson plans are tailored for each student's needs

Just like with the guitar, on the ukulele one of my biggest focus is to find the right path between what I know the student needs to advance and what the student wants to be able to do. To connect with the student and find the best way they perceive and retain knowledge.
With younger students, I also try including the parents with those decisions.
While teaching young children there's extra focus on prepping them for the move from Ukulele to Guitar. 

I pay special attention to the technique and the basics in all of my students' teachings, it is very important to have a strong base to stand on in order to grow as a guitar player.

Although each student's lessons are tailored to their needs, there are some things I consider as necessities and others as optional.
Material you can expect in my lessons:

* Warmup Exercises

* Strumming & Rhythm

* Chord Switching Techniques & Chord Mobility 

* Sight Reading

* Extracting Rhythms by Ear

* Singing while Playing Guitar

* Basic and Advanced Music Theory (Highly recommended to being an independent player)

* Working with a Band and Other Musicians
* Preparation for Auditions and Music Exams
* Many, many secrets and techniques I've learned during my 26 years as a guitar player,    musician and producer

I would be more than happy to teach you, or your children. Demonstrating and Teaching the magic of music, the outlet it provides and sheer pleasure of it.


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