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I Started to play piano at the age of 6 and guitar at 14.


Between the ages of 14-21:

Played in two “teen” bands and finished 'A' level high school music exams (theory, implemented, classical music appreciation & group performances)


“Teen” Band sample - Sunrise

Pe Gadol - Pai Mei
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Yom Hadash - Pai Mei
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After the army (2000-2002) I decided to take music as a career path – I studied for 10 years under the French-Israeli guitar virtuoso – Loren Nakash


Between 2002-2008:

Played with the band Pai-Mei as a lead and rhythm guitarist and, as lead and backing vocalist.


Started a 3 year college degree as a sound Engineer in the Tel Aviv Collage “Sound”. Finished the Degree with distinction (Two of my final mixes / exams were presented in a Featured CD by the school).


Started to work as a sound engineer in “Surround” studios, 6 months later I became the manager of the Studio.

As a manager I was in charge of the staff, maintenance and financial overview, while recording and mixing a variety of bands and music styles.


Started teaching Sound Engineering at “Shafririm” special education school.

Meanwhile I also started teaching guitar at “Surround Studios” (which also had a music school department) and started teaching privately (which I still do to this  day).


Started a Guitar Luthrie course (guitar engineering and building) with the master Luthier Yaakov Algranat.

During the course I built my own guitar and learned all that is needed to build, repair and maintain guitars.

Also in 2009

I started a new band (Progressive Genre) called “Mindless Echoes”.

I co-wrote, produced and managed it with a childhood friend.
The band's debut album was called “Rebirth” the concept was formed from an idea I had a few years back – 12 songs, each depicting a different phase in life. From Birth to death, each song would tell the story of a particular phase. It was a huge project which meant a lot of research and thorough thinking. Each song had it's own characteristics and personality.

Mindless Echoes Teenager live video

During Mindless Echoes' active years, I had to incorporate many roles upon myself.

I was a musical producer, manager, producer, video editor etc. I have learned a lot during that time and implemented that into the live shows and other events we created.



The Band and I co-produced a huge production with the help of the Petah Tikva municipality. ProgStage: A night of four well known bands (including ourselves).

Months of preparations were required and the night ended up being a big success.

From that night rose up a new production company – ProgStage Productions.

- The band Disbanded in 2012 -


Started a Bachelor degree in Arts and Humanities, studying Philosophy, History, Cinema, Music, and Social Studies.



Started playing with my former teacher in two wedding bands.

Underground Music Band – A wedding band I helped Loren establish, produce and manage.

The Diamonds – A French-Israeli band performing at wedding and festive events all over Europe and Israel.


Later that year, I started building a small music production company “Mad Eye Music”.

Under the company name I produced a few mentionable projects:

- Unknown Music -


Three musicians enter a studio, each one gets their own private room. The only thing they hear is a Click (Metronome) and the idea is they have to play with each other without knowing what the others are playing. This was mainly a psychological experiment of the musicians psyche. I wanted to experience and see how musicians react and play under unknown conditions.

The results speak for themselves:


Unknown Music Part I

Unknown Music Part II

Unknown Music part III

Unknown Music Part IV

- Paint my music -

Two painters, one musician – the idea is to actively “control” the painters mood and to create a change in their painting, while improvising and looping the music to create a deeper sound and depth. The two painters painted simultaneously on the same canvas, converting the mood of the music to brush strokes.

We gathered on the 1st of May 2013 to perform in an art exhibition sponsored by Volvo (Israel), the curator Bosmat Niron invited my project to play and paint while people roamed around the art works:

- Mad Eye Music's Student film soundtrack -


In 2009 I got a request from film students to write a soundtrack for their graduation film.

So, a friend and I sat down and created the following piece:


Mad Eye Music - Student Film




- Mad Eye Music's routine work -


Mad Eye's specialty is providing custom tailored music and sounds for any purpose .

Mad Eye Music sells it's music at “Audio Jungle”, “Band Camp” and on the website itself.

The tracks are produced, recorded, edited and mixed by me.

Mad Eye Music Track video - Pulsed Madness

Mad Eye Music track - Green Commercial


In September 1st 2013 my wife and I moved from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam (NL).


Since we arrived:


- Working on getting guitar students, advertising and socializing with potential clients.

My Advertising needs brought me to explore a multinational collaboration with musicians from other continents, creating elaborated cover videos to promote my teaching business:


I am me once more – A cover for the Malaysian-American singer "Zee Avi" that I produced, edited and directed

Rhayader Goes To Town – A cover for the progressive band “Camel”


- Working with Maya and Cees Koldijk (4touze matroze).

We performed together in:

MelkWeg, North Sea Jazz Club and many other venues.

2014 – 2020


Live performances and festivals

- Working with Maya and Cees Koldijk (4 touze matroze).

We performed together at the:

MelkWeg, North Sea Jazz Club, At the Oeral festival, So What (in Gouda) and all over the Netherlands in small and big venues and festivals.


Maya Koldijk – I couldn't say

Maya Koldijk – Come back

4tuoze matroze – De wind

4tuoze matroze – Zeemeermin

* Working with singer songwriter Dean Medina.

I help Dean run a monthly festival called “Beats on a boat” where we play live music and host other musicians at the Ceuvel in Amsterdam Noord. I perform and do the sound for the whole evening.

Together we also perform every few months with the Bankje Collectief. An Amsterdam project that involves locals from all neighborhoods.

* Collaborating with KonnektId I've created a Ukulele workshop where I covered the history of the instrument, it's origins and taught the participants how to start playing it, hoping to increase the awareness of the instrument and make it a bit more popular in the Netherlands.



* A live reading of “Reservoir Dogs”, collaboration with the Orange Tea Theatre. For the live reading I had to rearrange and musically produce the soundtrack from the original movie and perform it on Guitar and Bass.

* Together with Marielle Kleyn Winkel I created a 6 month long experiment where we combined Live music (played by me and other musicians) with Yoga. This proved to be a great success. The enthusiasm was great but unfortunately we had to stop the sessions because of personal reasons.

* While working using the Website; 'Fiverr' I've collaborated with the renown YouTube artist Kutiman. Recording several guitar parts fort his song 'Inner galactic Lovers'

* “Off The Cuff” experiments: After the positive feedback I've received from my 'Unknown Music' experiment. I've started working on new musical experiments.
Though the website is still under construction here's a short text about the premise and samples of the recordings I've already made.

"I suggest taking a different perspective on our creative mind.

We can recognize elements of the creative process in the manner that we solve everyday problems, even those that are not necessarily artistic in nature. But they present us with an opportunity to find a creative way to solve them.

The way I see it, there are two principal paths by which we can approach a problem that requires an innovated solution.

The subconscious reaction and the instantaneous one (of course we sometimes blend those two options together)."


'Cover Me' Playlist

Off The Cuff Website



* Worked with Prasad Sawant on the independent movie “Nightmare”. This entailed writing the score for the movie and editing, mixing and mastering the sound.

With my music / guitar students I work on various artistic projects besides teaching them of course.

I organize Jam sessions, live performances Multi-student song recording and work on Luthrie projects with them.

Musical production is also a passion of mine and through the years I have musciallt produced various bands including Flow, Heaven Bound and of course my own band. In 2015 I've produced a local Dutch band of a former student of mine Marjolein Stehmann.

For more productions check out my production company's website:

                                                                                          Sample 1                  Sample 2

Lurthie Project to come:

* At the moment I am working on a plan to make a complete overhaul to the guitar (and other instruments), its structure and how sound travels through it and behaves within it. *To do that I need a studio to work from so the project is a bit delayed at the moment.


Cool Cat

In 2017 I co-founded the Lucky Beat music school which I now still work at , as the musical director.

We run private and group lessons, as well as band lessons and much much more.

**Update** Left the school in September 2020 when I decided to look for other paths and positions to take.

Also in 2017 I applied to a program brought by the Municipality of Amsterdam, to support musicians and their work.

I was accepted to the program and was awarded a subsidized space to build a studio for my work, art and teaching.

As as then I have a permanent spot in the heart of Amsterdam where I work on my various projects and teachings. 


In 2018 I lost my brother to Cancer,

The extremely difficult time he was battling with the sickness led me to write Accumulate - Dissipate, his story told through my eyes.

For more projects visit my Music Production company Mad Eye Music.