Lesson plans are tailored for each student's needs

I have taught guitar for the past  16 years, Including; Private schools, private lessons and special education schools. I also hold degrees in Sound Engineering and Luthrie (Guitar building).
All of these past experiences allow me to be a patient and adaptable teacher.

As a teacher I always try to find the right path between what I know the student needs to advance and what the student wants to be able to do. With younger students, I also try including the parents with those decisions as much as needed.

I pay special attention to the technique and the basics in all of my students' teachings, it is very important to have a strong base to stand on in order to grow as a guitar player.

Although each student's lessons are tailored to their needs, there are some things I consider as necessities and others as optionalIn my lessons I teach:

* Warm up exercises

* Basic and advanced theory (for those who need/seek it).

* Solo playing

* Working with a band and other musicians

* Improvisation

* Correct way to work with guitar effects (for those who need/seek it).

* Pedal-Board wiring
* Singing while playing guitar (a sometimes difficult task)
*Preparation for auditions and music exams
* Many, many secrets and techniques I've learned during my 26 years as a guitar player,    musician and producer

I would be more than happy to teach you, or your children. Demonstrating and teaching the magic of music, the outlet and sheer pleasure of it.

~Trial lessons are free!~